Safety Is Always First

At Mobile Stage Network we believe safety is top priority. All of our stages are certified by one of the largest special event structural engineering firms in the USA. We have a perfect track record in the industry providing hundreds of events with safe mobile stage rentals without any incidents.

Make A Safety Plan With Us  

The Benefits of Playing it Safe

Why taking the extra time now, can save your business later.

Don't Push It Off

Having a set of rigid safety standards in place lets your crew know you're looking out for their well-being. In this case haste makes more than waste, and preventing workplace accidents insures not only the health and safety of your employees, but also your business.

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Make A Safety Plan With Us  

Safety Tips

We don't only handle rentals, we have access to the best industry experts and are more than willing to give solid advice. At our Mobile Stage Conference MSN's very own JULIO COLON taught a lesson to fellow stage owners on the importance of making a safety plan. Check out the video above to see what he had to say.

Time is valuable, so don't waste your time retraining your guys. It's hard to break bad habits once you have them.
- Mike Laino / Mobile Stage Network

You want to change -would have, could have, should have- to -would have, could have, and did- ahead of time.
- Julio Colon / Mobile Stage Network

Safety Features

Dropping Service For The Wind Walls